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This is the best use of cosplay ever.

The Rockets should use this as an advertisement campaign.

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make it double

Everyone needs the classic motto on their dashboard.

this is one of those gifsets you can hear

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Sparkle Sparkle~

Just caught myself a shiny Ponyta. Less than 20 encounters in the Friend Safari.
He’s gorgeous. I don’t know if I want to evolve him or not :/

Shiny Sawsbuck ^_^ Found in the Friend Safari after an unknown amount of encounters.

My target was actually Oddish, so I’ll continue my hunt, but this girl is so pretty!

Finally ;______;
Seriously though, why is Australia always the last to get everything?! -_-

With Eevee and Buneary being such short hunts, I’m stuck as to what I should hunt next… 

I was hunting Flabébé via MM, but I’ve changed my mind on a shiny Florges. I was thinking either Chikorita or Amaura for my next hunt. 

Anywho, good luck to everyone with their hunts~ 

What is this, I don’t even…

10 eggs. 10. 10!!!

Just hatched a shiny Eevee via MM after 171 eggs with the shiny charm.

I’m not fussed with IVs and such, but both parents had 6IVs and this little guy ended up with 31/31/x/31/31/31.

Argh… Now to decide to evolve him or not…